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Our lower prices, vast knowledge and methods of teaching put us above the rest. You wont find a better deal anywhere else!

Money back guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our locksmith training after the 1st day then you can have your money back! We've been teaching these locksmith training courses for over 12 years and have not had to refund anyone yet.

We are the only company to give away Curtain Wheel picks on our 5 day course (which are a compulsory and expensive purchase to all locksmiths). We also give away bump keys as well as the basics that are given away by other courses. We have our very own range of tools that WE have designed and have been manufactured and that are used by many other professional locksmiths. The training facility is purpose built and kitted out with every type of lock and tool on the market.


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Scenarios are set up with various types of locks in various types of doors so you’re not just picking locks at a bench and vice all day. Certificates are awarded when all tasks are completed to satisfactory standards, these certificates then allow students to buy locksmith tools and stock from various outlets in the U.K (because they won’t sell tools to none certified locksmiths). Certificates also help locksmiths to get appraised by their local authorities. On rare occasions that students fail to demonstrate their skills they are re-trained for free until they are competent.

For a 12 month period after training, students can call us for help and advice (should they run into any problems at a job) and are welcome to return at a later date should they forget anything they have learned. Field guides are also given away as part of the course along with full, free access to the online forum.

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