2 day locksmith courses run from Saturday - Sunday starting at 9am and finishing at 4pm each day.
Call: 01902 634913 to book a course date that suits you. Download a booking form here

The 2 day locksmith training course covers the following subjects in detail:

Tools you get with this course:

Locksmith 2 in 1 mortice pick
2 in 1 pick

Locksmith Bump keysBump keys
(hammer not included)

Locksmith lockpicks
13 piece Pick set

You also get:

Set of warding files

Steel Rule

Mortice lock probe

Mortice Locks 2/3/5 Lever
Learn how to pick mortice locks
Learn to pick mortice locks with the 2 in 1 pick and the destructive methods for opening mortice locks.

Mortice Drilling Points
Drill mortice locks
Learn to how and where to drill various Mortice locks. Destructive entry methods.

Learn to pick high security padlocks
Learn various picking, bypassing and destructive methods for opening padlocks.

Wafer Locks
Learn to pick wafer locks
Learn picking methods for opening wafer locks.

Shutter Locks
Learn to pick shutter locks
Learn picking, bypassing and destructive methods for opening shutter locks.

Key Cutting
Learn how to cut keys

Key identification & using the key cutting machines.

Locksmith tools & techniques
Learn how to use the various single picks, rakes, bump keys, snap guns, electric pick guns, mica, letterbox tool and much more. Try out various tools before you go out and buy your own.

Pin Tumbler Locks
Pick pin tumbler locks
Learn various bypass, picking and destructive methods for opening pin tumbler locks..

Euro Locks
Pick UPVC locks
Learn picking, bumping and destructive methods for opening euro locks.

Lock Fitting
Learn how to fit locks
Learn how to correctly fit pin tumblers, mortice locks and euro locks.

Lock stripping and reassembly
Learn to strip and assemble locks
Learn how locks operate and how to identify components.

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